"Greek tragedy meets Harlem ball scene. Fantastic!"  RuPaul

"Incredible production values. The set, lights, costumes, and sound design are all Broadway-quality, and director David Mendizábal keeps this energetic show moving like a freight train speeding towards Fabulous Station." YesBroadway

"The performances in And She Would Stand Like This are superb, with a dynamic and dedicated cast. All of the actors get their chance to deliver some truly ascendant moments, with many of their scenes worthy of being expanded to a one-man or one-woman show in themselves."  Huffington Post

"Director David Mendizabal and Choreographer Kia LaBeija have masterfully provided heart and voice to marginalized souls"  The Broadway Blog


"Life, in all its messy glory, overflows the stage of the Atlantic Theater Company in this dynamically staged production of 'Tell Hector I Miss Him.' Paola Lazaro’s animated ensemble piece unearths the volatile residents of a close-knit community living underground in Old San Juan, and a vibrant acting company — directed by David Mendizabal and featuring two 'Orange Is the New Black' cast members — breathes life into every quirky character." Variety 

"Under the sympathetic direction of David Mendizábal, the ample cast, which includes Selenis Leyva and Dascha Polanco from 'Orange Is the New Black,' brings defining individuality to their characters, infusing them with a palpably real humanity." NYTimes

"Under the assured staging of David Mendizabal, the play certainly feels lived-in. Numerous snippets of dialogue are delivered in Spanish, and the nearly all-Hispanic ensemble deliver consistently strong performances." Hollywood Reporter

"David Mendizábal directs a production bursting at the seams with unrequited desire." TheatreMania

"Lázaro has been blessed with a superb company and, in David Mendizábal, a director who keeps a firm hand on the chaos, establishing an engaging balance between comedy and pathos as these characters work their way under our skin."  Deadline


"Funny though the play is, the surprising and rather lovely thing about 'Locusts Have No King' — receiving its world premiere in David Mendizábal’s excellently cast production at Intar — is that it never treats its characters or their vocation as punch lines. These are people in relationships, with each other and with God, and some of them are deeply devoted to their work." NYTimes

"Under the sly direction of David Mendizábal, the truth behind this wickedly delicious play reveals itself in a tantalizingly slow striptease... With a Hitchcockian eye for suspense, Mendizábal instills a creeping sense of dread, an ever-present suspicion that something here is not right... It all amounts to the most epically strange drinking and fighting play in years." TheatreMania

"Director David Mendizábal has fashioned a powerful production full of sensitivity and authentic moments that exposes him as a master of his craft. He has thrown red wine onto a starched white shirt to highlight the stain and throw us into moments of complete shock. His ability to pull the audience into the inferno with such subtle flair is seductive." NYTheatre Guide

"David Mendizábal’s direction builds the tension so delicately that you hardly feel it until you are suddenly on the edge of your seat. On the night I went, the audience was gleefully screaming and gasping. Mendizábal has orchestrated a theatrical hurricane." Theatre is Easy

"Director David Mendizabál’s staging vividly theatricalizes the Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist style episodes with an inspired matter of fact atmosphere.  Mr. Mendizábal also is highly proficient at creating wonderful stage pictures and tableaus."


Bintou is a triumph for director David Mendizabal, a young director of uncommon intelligence and power. His facility with actors is remarkable, eliciting performances that never seemed forced or over-directed. He weaves a daunting number of elements into a flawless whole, and his understanding of the political background of his source material is clear. With this production, Mendizabal and The Movement Theatre Company establish themselves as a vibrant, stunningly talented voice in New York theatre.”  NYTheatre

"Bintou dabbles in a range of styles — hard-edged street poetry, magical realism and various other approaches are sampled here... the cast of 16, under David Mendizábal’s direction, soon melds into a strong group of storytellers."  NYTimes

Bintou immediately casts a spell with its blend of spiritual and natural warfare. Against a backdrop of earth tones and African customs, the story of a girl gone wild develops with an urgency that cannot be ignored, under David Mendizábal's feverish direction."  Backstage


"For the longest stage plays have been used to depict a way of life, a series of events, or taboo topics generally unseen or rarely (if at all) talked about. Digging deeper, I’ll even stand on the notion that in many ways they’ve been a voice to and for the voiceless. From fear to sadness to happiness and all in between, art on the stage has been able to turn words into moving objects and tell stories we can all relate to, both directly or indirectly, depending on how we watch.... writer Harrison David Rivers and Director David Mendizabal effortlessly captured the essence of all those things and more."  BroadwayBlack


"David Mendizábal was as enthusiastic about 'sweet' as the playwright. His excellent direction brought things out of the young actors that I am sure they will use for the rest of their lives. 'sweet' took wings and soared. The thing about really good direction is that it does not take away from the piece but brings more out of it – the essence – of the piece." LA Female Playwrights Initiative